February Surprise! 2% Cash Rebate!

Starting from 1 February 2018, you are entitled to 2% cash rebate when you purchase any group class package or personal training package at The Corner! If you purchase our winter promotion package (HK$1,900) on or before 15 February 2018, you are even entitled to 3% cash rebate! The amount of cash rebate will be clearly written on your receipt, and when you show the receipt at your next class purchase, the rebate will be used as cash and deducted from your next class purchase!


Any expiry date?

The cash rebate will expire in 1 month from the last class of the class package you purchased


Example 1:

If you purchase the winter promotion package (HK$1,900) on February 1, and completed the last class on April 30, the cash rebate will be HK$1,900 x 3% = HK$57 and the expiry is May 30. If you purchase another class package before May 30, for example, HK$1,500 class package, the rebate will be (HK$1,500 - HK$57) x 2% = HK$29


Example 2:

If you still have classes remaining and would like to purchase the new class package, you may do so and you must attend the first class of the new package within 1 month from completing the existing class package. As to the cash rebate for the new package, the expiry date for using such rebate is 1 month from the last class of the new package.


How to check the balance of the cash rebate?

The amount of the cash rebate will be written clearly on your receipt, or you may contact us via Facebook or Whatsapp at 6430-4431 for details.


Cash rebate may not be used in the following:

1. All retail items (including bottled water, boxing gloves, handwraps)

2. Booking the whole gym

3. The Corner will specifically list out promotions which cash rebates do not apply (if any)


The Corner reserves the right to amend or terminate the above promotion, and amend the terms and conditions of the above promotion at any time. Should there be any dispute, the Corner reserves the right of final discretion.

2月新驚喜! 2%現金獎賞!


由2018年2月1號開始, 於The Corner購買任何課堂組合/私人課程, 即可以獲得2%的現金回贈凡於2018年2月15日或以前購買HK$1,900冬季優惠組合,更可享3%回贈! 每次獎賞金額會列於您的收據上面, 下次嚟購買課堂出示返收據,就可以代替現金付款架喇!





如2月1日購買HK$1,900冬季優惠組合, 並於4月30日完成最後一堂à回贈HK$1,900 x 3% = HK$57的有效日期至5月30日。如下次在有效日期5月30日前選擇購買HK$1,500組合, 回贈金額將為: (HK$1,500-HK$57) x2% = HK$29



如您現有課堂組合還未完成而又想購買新課堂組合, 你可以購買並於完成現有組合的一個月內開始您新課堂組合的第一堂。就新課堂組合賺取的現金回贈, 最後的使用期限為你上完新課堂組合的最後一堂的一個月內。



每次獎賞金額會清楚列於您的收據上, 或者歡迎您FB Inbox/WhatsApp 6430-4431向我們查詢



  1. 所有零售 (如支裝水, 拳套,紮手帶)

  2. 包場活動

  3. The Corner將個別列明不可同時使用之課堂優惠項目(如有)


The Corner保留隨時更改或終止以上優惠及不時修訂優惠條款及細則之權利。如有任何爭議,The Corner保留最終決定權