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The Corner is the place where you will experience authentic Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, and a combination of crossfit training. At The Corner, we strive to help you to achieve your fitness goals, whether it is to become a Muay Thai fighter or simply to get a fitter and better body.


We aim at becoming your favorite corner for fitness, for sweat, for happiness, for making friends and for a better self. Come to The Corner today to start a small change in your life!


Your victory is around The Corner. Never give up!





Muay Thai

Muay Thai program involving pad work, bag work, sparring, strength training which helps you fight your way through calories to superior cardio fitness!


Combination of Muay Thai and functional conditioning exercises with powerful cardio sessions designed to improve your overall fitness in a short period of time. An exhilarating and challenging workout!

Ladies Muay Thai

Muay Thai program specifically designed for the ladies which is highly effective in fat burning and body shaping. Sounds like what you are looking for?

Affordable price

Great results

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